Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This quote happens to come from one of my favorite Aerosmith songs and it got me to thinking about a girl i knew, she was fearless, funny and always in motion. At fourteen she asked her parents for $99, "For what?" they asked "there's an ad here in the paper and I can fly to Florida for $99" she said. "What will you do when you get there, where will you stay?" was there response. "I'll figure that out when I get there, besides I can sleep on the beach" was her naive but confident answer. She meant it, how do I know you ask, that girl was me! I used to be a force to be reckoned with but lately I feel as if I have let that free spirited fourteen year old girl down. After a markedly bad 2010 I am vowing to take my life back this year and just like I did a few years ago with "The 365 Project" I would like to use my birthday, today, as a jumping off point to this new and improved more like the old me. I am going to enjoy life and the people in it and express myself here through blog in whatever way tickles my fancy. Stella, I am finding my groove!

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